I sang in choir back in the day. I remember this one time a smaller group of us were getting ready for a competition we had coming up and we just could not seem to get this one part of the song down. Every time we got to this part it sounded chaotic and muddy. On this particular day I… Read more →

My Beauty Score

“I mean… She has a pretty face.” That was the closest thing my junior high self, had ever heard as a compliment from a guy. My gorgeous skinny friend told me I should be happy with that. “After all” she said “You really do have a pretty face.” I smiled weakly and said “thank you.” But on the inside, I… Read more →


To the Talented Ones

There is something so therapeutic about catching up with an old friend. A certain kind of magic happens when after years of drifting in different directions you once again find yourself in the same space. This was one of those beautiful moments for me. A friend from my past found herself in the new city I had moved to a… Read more →


December 2016.   We’re already here.   No, We’re finally here.   To be honest, I’m not sure which way I lean. All I know is that when I went to peek ahead at the hanging calendar I was met with nothing but bare wall. I had two immediate thoughts: “I need to get a new calendar” and “Now what?”… Read more →


My Whole Person

  Like most kids, I spent a lot of my childhood playing pretend. I would gather random items from around the house to help me become whatever character my mind dreamed up. This meant I got to be whatever I wanted to be. An imagination allowed me to because a doctor without a degree. I was a bus driver. I’d… Read more →



  There was a time I loved doing puzzles. Growing up in Alaska meant that the summer days were long and glorious. My childhood was spent driving hours out into the middle of nowhere. We drenched ourselves in Deet as we made our way through the thick trees until we found my dad’s favorite fishing spot. We would celebrate arriving… Read more →


My Life As A Hoarder

  Somedays I’ll find myself binge watching episodes of Hoarders. I’ll watch in horror and wonder as these stranger’s stories unfold in front of me. Each episode starts out the same. A person will stare into the camera and introduce themselves. They’ll warmly smile as they confidently say their name. And for that brief moment, I forget that the person… Read more →