Sometimes Life has a way of gaining your trust.

He sticks out his hand and you grab it

without hesitation.

You skip together through fields of wildflowers

as you feel the warm sun on your face.

This is perfect.

This is exactly the way you dreamed this story

would play out.


Life encourages you to relax.

He tells you to lie down and look up

at the stars.

“They shine for you.” he says.

You believe him. And for the first time in a long time,

you don’t fear the dark

Maybe the worst is over.

Those nightmares you endured

are a thing of the past.

“Let’s dream again.” You whisper to your heart.


Life greets you in the morning with your favorite song.

It’s the melody that the birds somehow¬†just knew

when they were born.

This is perfect.

This is exactly the morning you dreamed of

when you endured those nights of mourning.

“Joy will come.” Life promised.

And here it was.

Although it was sweeter then you imagined.


Once again Life sticks out his hand and

you grab it without hesitation.

You stroll through cobblestones streets

and quiet alleys

All is well until

It isn’t

Life let you down


Once more you find yourself struck by a blow

you never saw coming

Yet here you are




Why would Life bring you here?

You didn’t ask for this


And now you are faced with a choice:

Do you stumble away bitter?

Do you pull away and disconnect?

Do you block Life’s number?

Do you draw the shades, lock the door

and quit responding altogether?




Do you allow the wind that was knocked out of you

to return to your lungs?

Do you humbly sit cross legged in the midst of the ruins

and let the tears fall?

Do you whisper to you heart “stay soft”?

Do you bravely push past the lump in your throat

to ask questions?


Perhaps its time.

Time to reach into your pocket,

pull out a tattered piece of paper

and pen.

Then ask.

Say “Alright Life. What are you trying to teach me?”

Scream up to the heavens and ask God

“Is there any good that can from of this?”

Then wait.

Take notes.

You’ll find that while Life stutters around trying to

explain himself.

God steps in and starts creating.


He’s specializes in this.

He’s an expert at making beauty

out of mess

You hand Him your ashes and

hear His promise

“I can make something good

out of this.”

You believe Him. And for the first time in a long time

you don’t fear the dark.

“Let’s dream again.”

You whisper to your heart.




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