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  There was a time I loved doing puzzles. Growing up in Alaska meant that the summer days were long and glorious. My childhood was spent driving hours out into the middle of nowhere. We drenched ourselves in Deet as we made our way through the thick trees until we found my dad’s favorite fishing spot. We would celebrate arriving… Read more →

My Life As A Hoarder

  Somedays I’ll find myself binge watching episodes of Hoarders. I’ll watch in horror and wonder as these stranger’s stories unfold in front of me. Each episode starts out the same. A person will stare into the camera and introduce themselves. They’ll warmly smile as they confidently say their name. And for that brief moment, I forget that the person… Read more →

Silent Night

  Today I found myself thinking about Mary. I wonder what went through her mind as she made the journey to Bethlehem with swollen feet and ankles. In the early moments of labor did she feel betrayed when she repeatedly heard that there was no room for her? Did her trust in God waiver when she found herself surrounded by… Read more →


Although I have been doing a lot more writing these days, its been awhile since I wrote something over here. It’s partially because I’ve been busy doing different projects and also because my kids have seemed to really kick up the energy level these days. It’s amazing how kids can simultaneously make you feel exhausted and younger at the same… Read more →

“This is Dumb.”

  Can I just be real? The past two weeks have been crazy for me. Let’s talk about that shall we: 1. Well for starters, I somehow managed to overbook our schedule. I’m a stickler for putting things in my calendar and even setting reminders to trigger my memory for all we have going on. However, I dropped the ball… Read more →


  Nothing gets my blood boiling like hearing a story of bullying. The protector in me rises up when I see someone being mistreated. My heart won’t rest until I see justice. I have been known in the past to throw my petite 5 foot nothing body in between the large bully and the victim. I knew there wasn’t much… Read more →

Dumb Genius

  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”  -Albert Einstein   In highschool, I decided to take an art class. The first day of class, I walked in and I immediately felt at home. The room was full of different… Read more →

Treasure Trove

When I was four years old, my parents had the idea of sticking me in piano lessons. It was actually quite random considering no one in my family played an instrument. I’ll never forget my first piano lesson. I fell in love with sounds of the scale. It was strange how I had just been introduced to the piano and… Read more →