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Imposter Syndrome

  There are moments in life where I can feel myself step into divine purpose Like a hand tailored suit it fits every part of me And as I stare into the mirror amazed at how God can use someone as ordinary and unimpressive as me My eyes shift to the blurred figure standing behind me   Imposter Syndrome We… Read more →


  I feel like I’ve spent my life hidden the way you hide your messĀ in the closet before company comes over I seemed to be strategically covered the way a man combs over a bald spot before he leaves the house   Now I know they say “God makes no mistakes.” He made me on purpose just the way I… Read more →

Dear Self

  If I could go back and give myself some advice I’d tell me to spend more time falling in love with myself ratherĀ than worry about boys I’d tell me to draw a heart around my own name To quit practicing adding last names to mine and replace it with goals and vision   I’d tell myself that love does… Read more →


  The other day, I came across an old picture of myself. I was smiling. My teeth were exposed so much that it caused my eyes to crinkle. I was glowing. My hair was longer I was 20 pounds lighter My body was toned as a testament to all the working out I had been doing As I stared at… Read more →

Not This Time

I didn’t grow up believing in Santa Claus. My mama said she couldn’t bring herself to tell me a lie. She told me matter of factly as she braided my hair “Santa isn’t real, baby. He doesn’t exist.” My 5 year old heart understood. But there was one thing I couldn’t comprehend I spun my head to look her in… Read more →


Sometimes Life has a way of gaining your trust. He sticks out his hand and you grab it without hesitation. You skip together through fields of wildflowers as you feel the warm sun on your face. This is perfect. This is exactly the way you dreamed this story would play out.   Life encourages you to relax. He tells you… Read more →


I sang in choir back in the day. I remember this one time a smaller group of us were getting ready for a competition we had coming up and we just could not seem to get this one part of the song down. Every time we got to this part it sounded chaotic and muddy. On this particular day I… Read more →

My Beauty Score

“I mean… She has a pretty face.” That was the closest thing my junior high self, had ever heard as a compliment from a guy. My gorgeous skinny friend told me I should be happy with that. “After all” she said “You really do have a pretty face.” I smiled weakly and said “thank you.” But on the inside, I… Read more →