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To the Talented Ones

There is something so therapeutic about catching up with an old friend. A certain kind of magic happens when after years of drifting in different directions you once again find yourself in the same space. This was one of those beautiful moments for me. A friend from my past found herself in the new city I had moved to a… Read more →


December 2016.   We’re already here.   No, We’re finally here.   To be honest, I’m not sure which way I lean. All I know is that when I went to peek ahead at the hanging calendar I was met with nothing but bare wall. I had two immediate thoughts: “I need to get a new calendar” and “Now what?”… Read more →

My Whole Person

  Like most kids, I spent a lot of my childhood playing pretend. I would gather random items from around the house to help me become whatever character my mind dreamed up. This meant I got to be whatever I wanted to be. An imagination allowed me to because a doctor without a degree. I was a bus driver. I’d… Read more →

Vague Love

  I am a communicator. Just ask any teacher who has had me in their class. I love to talk. I value connection. I adore people. One of my top five strengths according to the book Strength Finders is Communication (and another is Woo – winning others over). Perhaps this is why I’m so drawn to writing. I thoroughly enjoy… Read more →

What a Dead Plant Revealed About My Life

  I hope this doesn’t come across as just another mother bragging on her kid, but my child is a pretty big deal. My daughter is a dancer. She is a singer. She is a teacher AND a doctor. She is also an actress. She is a self proclaimed rockstar. She has accomplished this much because she is fearless. She… Read more →

On Feeling Pain

  Years ago I remember seeing some story on a talk show about a girl who didn’t feel pain. She had some sort of rare disease where you could literally pinch her or scratch her and she wouldn’t feel a thing. They were playing sad music in the background as though this was some sort of real struggle. This confused… Read more →

On Facing Nightmares Alone

This was it.   I knew I was going to die.   But that didn’t stop me from running…   I ran as fast my 8 year old legs could take me. Blindly, I ran through trees and prickly brush. I winced with each branch that tore my flesh. I felt blood pouring down my face from my open wound.… Read more →

The Art of Letting Go

  I have learned something about myself recently. It’s funny how I walk the earth with myself day in and day out and yet there is still so much that I’m still discovering. Some of these things I discover leave me overjoyed. I had no idea some of the things I was capable of until recently. I didn’t realize that… Read more →