Dear Self


If I could go back and

give myself some advice

I’d tell me to spend more time

falling in love with myself

rather than worry about boys

I’d tell me to draw a heart

around my own name

To quit practicing adding last names

to mine and replace it

with goals and vision


I’d tell myself that love does

not look like the movies

That love is not the

knight in shining armor but

the shy sweet soul in the room

I’d tell me to stop daydreaming about

different versions of myself

and learn to love the girl in the mirror

And when I’d insist I could never see

me loving my reflection

I’d smile and say “Give it time.”


I would tell myself to watch

the body language of my heart

To notice the things that make it

stop or come alive

I’d encourage me to whisper sweet

nothings into the mirror

To say “You’re beautiful” especially

on the days I didn’t feel like it

I’d remind me not to let the sun

go down on my anger

That forgiving myself wasn’t

just noble, it was necessary


I’d tell me to take myself out

Lie on my back and

stare at the stars

To count all the ways that

God created bright spots

in my dark skies

and rest assured He would do it again

Then I’d look myself in the eye

speak directly to my soul and whisper

“You are enough.”

For better or worse

For richer or poorer

In sickness and health

Until death.





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