Imposter Syndrome


There are moments in life

where I can feel myself

step into divine purpose

Like a hand tailored suit

it fits every part of me

And as I stare into the mirror

amazed at how God can

use someone as ordinary

and unimpressive as me

My eyes shift to the blurred

figure standing behind me


Imposter Syndrome

We meet again

and here comes the part

where you smirk and ask

me how a nobody like me

managed to slip into purpose

As though God in His infinite

wisdom would waste His time

custom making a gown for me

As though I had the resources

to be able to make

such an expensive purchase

Walking around acting like

I have what it takes to own this dress

when clearly I must be hiding the tags.


And even though

I’m holding the receipts

of hard work and dedication

I feel myself start to panic

Perhaps he is right

Maybe I’m really just a failure

who managed to shoplift success

a mastermind who carefully

slid the tags up my sleeve

hoping no one would notice


And although I know

I have done nothing

to try and take something

that doesn’t belong to me

the self doubt causes me

to search myself obsessively

Looking for proof that I’m just a fraud

But all I find is marks of Favor

and thats when I remember

although I have had moments

of success I couldn’t have

afforded on my own

I am not a thief

I am no fraud

God designed the purpose

Grace and Favor split the bill.