On Feeling Pain

  Years ago I remember seeing some story on a talk show about a girl who didn’t feel pain. She had some sort of rare disease where you could literally pinch her or scratch her and she wouldn’t feel a thing. They were playing sad music in the background as though this was some sort of real struggle. This confused… Read more →

On Facing Nightmares Alone

This was it.   I knew I was going to die.   But that didn’t stop me from running…   I ran as fast my 8 year old legs could take me. Blindly, I ran through trees and prickly brush. I winced with each branch that tore my flesh. I felt blood pouring down my face from my open wound.… Read more →

The Art of Letting Go

  I have learned something about myself recently. It’s funny how I walk the earth with myself day in and day out and yet there is still so much that I’m still discovering. Some of these things I discover leave me overjoyed. I had no idea some of the things I was capable of until recently. I didn’t realize that… Read more →

Remembering Faith

Have you ever said a word that you use all of the time and suddenly it sounds funny to you? I remember the first time this happened to me I was a child. Somebody asked me which color I preferred of something to which I replied “Both.” Both. Bo-TH. I said it out loud a few more times. My friend… Read more →

Silent Night

  Today I found myself thinking about Mary. I wonder what went through her mind as she made the journey to Bethlehem with swollen feet and ankles. In the early moments of labor did she feel betrayed when she repeatedly heard that there was no room for her? Did her trust in God waiver when she found herself surrounded by… Read more →

Retiring Atlas

About 4 years ago I sat down in meeting with someone to verbally process where I was at in life and what it all meant. I praddled on about my thoughts, theories and questions until I ran out of things to say. He began to share some wisdom and insight on the situation and then asked me a question ”… Read more →


Although I have been doing a lot more writing these days, its been awhile since I wrote something over here. It’s partially because I’ve been busy doing different projects and also because my kids have seemed to really kick up the energy level these days. It’s amazing how kids can simultaneously make you feel exhausted and younger at the same… Read more →

Want not

  I remember when I was about four years old, being at a friends house and staring at a tupperware of cookies that were sitting on the counter. They were chocolate chip cookies. The house still smelled of its aroma. I remember thinking to myself ” I want one!” However, in typical Megan fashion, what I thought I had said… Read more →

The Bad Day That Ruined My Life

  My husband, Steven, and I had recently come back from our 5 year anniversary trip in Maui. Life was good. We were living in California at the time. The sun was always shining. Avocados were cheap. We had a good circle of friends. A great church and he had just been promoted in his job. We didn’t think life… Read more →

Slow and Steady

  Back in the day, I used to be in shape. Now when I say “in shape”, I don’t mean Jillian Michaels status. “In shape” meant that I worked out. I went on runs regularly. I had muscle definition and I could walk up huge flights of stairs without getting winded. I also played soccer and was able to run… Read more →