Silent Night


Today I found myself thinking about Mary.

I wonder what went through her mind as she made the journey to Bethlehem with swollen feet and ankles. In the early moments of labor did she feel betrayed when she repeatedly heard that there was no room for her?

Did her trust in God waiver when she found herself surrounded by filthy animals and dung as she brought forth the Messiah?

I don’t know. But here is what I do know:

I know that God didn’t forget about Mary in the midst of her agony. He sent shepherds and kings to come bless the family and worship the King of all Kings.

I personally know of a lot of people going through painful times right now. What should be a very happy season is instead filled with darkness and a stench of pain so intense that at times it feels hard to breathe.

I wanted to remind you that He hasn’t forgotten. He still has a plan. Even though this painful season is the last place you thought you would find yourself today, He knew this dark night was coming. He’s prepared. He’s prepared to somehow take those dark nights that are full of anguish and turn them into a something beautiful.

So what do you do? How do you deal when the whole world is singing “Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright” when you are going through hell?

You do what Mary did.

You cry out and push with all of your might and keep going. You refuse to give up, because even though you want to, deep down you know you can’t. There’s a world waiting for you to deliver whatever gift God has placed inside of you.

I know it hurts like hell. I understand your surroundings feel cold and empty, but don’t give up. Eventually this dark night will end. Soon the day will come and joy will be there with it. Until then continue to cry out to God. Let Him rock you in His arms as you sob into His chest and scream about the unfairness of it all!

Then be still. Trust in a Heavenly Father who is not only hurting with you but also knows the beginning from the end. Rest and listen as He sings over you “Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Sleep in Heavenly Peace.”